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  1. Eggs

From the recording The War on Common Sense

A play on the adage "don't count your chickens before they hatch", Eggs is stripped backed acoustic folk song. While having a sombre tone, the gentle guitars and sweet vocal harmonies leave us with a sense of hopefulness on the album's final track.


Time has slipped on by
And now I'm down to my last hook and my last line
If it'll fall out of me

The Lord he showed me the road
I walked the path I was showed and it has got me nowhere
As far as I can see

And to the door I've kept a key
Of all the words I've spoken
But when I check my eggs I see
That they are all broken

Believed that I'd seen the light
I clutched my rosary beads and held on tight
Like it was for my life

I caught myself a good catch
I laid my chickens to hatch
But then I met my match
Counting pieces of straw

And I still mean the words I said
In all the prayers I've spoken
I fold my hands and eat my bread
But all my eggs are broken

And if regret could turn back time
And if depression could make the sun shine
Then I'd be fighting with my wounds and tears
A thousands years away
But it's today

But it's today