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  1. A Way To Go

From the recording The War on Common Sense

A dreamy alternative Deerhunter-esque song with a low soulful vocal supported by a soaring high harmony. A rolling synth forms the backbone while a jangly guitar and Radiohead style bass line introduce the melancholy atmosphere of the album.


I’ve got a way to go
Until I sail away
My heart’s a cloud, my eyes are green
To who I cannot say
All my doubt has come to this
A mark upon a grave
She sends her words of love to me
But masked behind a wave

Home’s not there when she gets in the door
She’s living there but I’m all alone
The rumour circulates the room
She touches my hand ‘cos we’re leaving soon

I’ve got a way to go
Until you set me free
You’re hands are cold, your nails are red
But your mind I cannot see

I want your arms to keep me warm
But I want so much more, how long can I hold on
Suddenly you lead me home
Will it all end there well I wish I knew

I’ve got a way to go
Until I sail away
You pace the ground to watch me leave
Don’t hate yourself
Put away your guns

Oh hold on
Oh hold on
Oh hold on
Oh hold on