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  1. Frost

From the recording The War on Common Sense

A gentle alternative-folk that is slowly builds throughout. Finger-style acoustic guitars and a delicate harmonized vocals reminiscent of Bon Iver form the base whilst an array of percussion such as bamboo drum and typewriter samples begin to be continually added piece by piece creating a rich rhythm.


Go to sleep my dear
There's really nothing else we can devise
All the wounds we've borne
Are breaking open right before our eyes
But in the morning sun
This rigid frost will all but melt away
We'll turn the other cheek
And just pretend that everything's ok

Close your eyes my love
Let's take a moment to heal from this disease
I can't hear them now
The hurtful words that brought us to our knees
We can leave this place
The flowing river will carry our hearts down
Where it won't be this hard
To keep our precious love above the ground

Keep me close my dear
I never could have known I'd need you so
And though it's been so hard
There's nothing I would ever trade you know
You can count on me
I will hold you as long as I have arms
This will be my prayer
Guardian angels keeping us from harm