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  1. Good Intentions

From the recording The War on Common Sense

A sombre alternative-folk song in the vein of Elliot Smith or Jose Gonzalez with dark lyrics that deal with suicide. Acoustic guitars form the base of the song while eerie synths float over the top and a sparse pulsating beat leave the vocal front and centre.


Please stop looking at me
I am ill-equipped to resist in your eyes what I see

But I can't stop looking at you
I would surely voice if I had a choice, but I don't

So please forgive what I do
Because all of my flaws and the harm that they cause are on you

So much vigor and will
But it still was a loss when you carried my cross up that hill

Ever shedding my skins
Good intentions they seem to haven't had me redeemed for my sins

In that letter I wrote
Are all the things I would do for my dreams to come true, but they won't