Does this sound familiar?... You're a young unsigned band. You spent all your savings getting your album recorded, mixed, mastered and published and then you find out if you want to get your band on the radio you need to shell out somewhere between $5000-$10,000 to pay companies like Co-Sign, Distiller, Planetary, Syndicate or Terrorbird to send your music to radio. Forget it, who can afford that? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could do it yourself? But who do we send it to? Can we email our music or do we need to mail it? There must be hundreds of radio stations and trying to find that info must take weeks! There is, and it does. But we did that work for you. We spent weeks researching radio websites to find the names, numbers, emails and addresses of the Music Directors of basically every college radio station in the USA and Canada and now we are sharing it with the indie music world for free!

All it'll cost you is a few minutes of your time. Just sign up here and go like our Facebook page and send us a facebook message and we'll give you the password to unlock the first 150. Go check out our Spotify page and email us a screenshot of one of our songs playing on Spotify and we'll send you the password to next 100. Then jump on Instagram and follow us and tag us in a post and we will send you the rest. We think it's a fair price for what was literally weeks of trawling through websites finding out all this info. We help out other unsigned artist get their music out there and in return we can build our online presence.

Disclaimer: all the names, emails, phone numbers and addresses are public information found on the radio stations' websites. We simply collated all the info into one document.

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